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Tweets on 2009-11-29

  • How to dry parsley: Step one – Harvest and cut off big stems (they slow down the drying process) http://s2t.vg/bbmz3Z #
  • Step 2: Spread out in microwave oven. Cook on lowest setting, turning several times for even drying (20+ minutes) http://s2t.vg/84GXQN #
  • After 10 minutes – noticeably less volume. Turn over, feeling for dryness. Continue to cook. http://s2t.vg/VVFC6u #
  • Step 4: It's done when the leaves are crunchy and crumble easily when rubbed. It condenses nicely in storage contai… http://s2t.vg/iLmEZl #

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