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Coffee is a drink that is sold everywhere. You can find coffee in the grocery store, at restaurants, in gas stations and of course in coffee shop. But the question is why Starbucks is so popular? I understand that in this current recession, Starbucks has had some problems and they are not having good inventory turnover, but they are still doing great in most places.

But again, what is so special about Starbucks. For me, I have grown use to drinking Starbucks when I want something special. It is a nice treat for me. I can not only go there to grab a drink with an old friend to sit and chat, but I can also go there when I’m in a hurry, or spend hours there studying while drinking a gourmet drink.

I also think Starbucks is so popular because they have perfected the coffee experience. One can go there to get a drink and enjoy it. All of their coffee shops are decorated to feel homey, and they all have nice couches and tables to enjoy. The one by where I live even has a fireplace when it’s cold and a nice patio with chairs for the summertime. No matter what season or time of the day, Starbucks has a drink and a set up to accommodate you.

Although their drinks are rather expensive, I think everyone is paying for the brand name and the feeling from getting the drink. I could pay one dollar for a coffee at the gas station, or I could pay two dollars for a regular coffee with whipped cream at Starbucks and be able to sit down and enjoy myself. I also like going to Starbucks during the holidays because they always have festive music playing and different events happening.

The one question I do not get though is why Starbucks. Besides Starbucks, there are other gourmet coffee shops such as Caribou Coffee. Everyone I know prefers Starbucks over Caribou. I do not know if it is the fact the Starbucks was in my town before Caribou and they became accustomed to it, or if it the fact that Starbucks has better drinks. Regardless, Starbucks is the place for me to go for a treat!

Torie Nicholas

  1. I’ve been to your Caribou coffee house, in Hudson Ohio and it is very nice. In Dayton, where I live, we have an independent coffee house called “Boston Stoker Coffee” – it too, has great atmosphere with couches, free wi-fi, etc. One thing that is important to me is a “buzz” to the place. When there are more people there, it seems happier and alive – something that appeals to me (as opposed to a place that is devoid of people). Perhaps your Starbucks has that buzz.

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