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A New Twist to Chili

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Chili is a favorite of mine during the colder months in Ohio. But in my house, we do not have typical chili. With our chili, we have cheddar cheese, crackers, and peanut butter sandwiches. Yes, I know you are thinking that the peanut butter sounds weird, but it is really a good taste treat.

The peanut butter sandwich story goes back to when my dad was young. He was in grade school at a small town in southern Ohio where he was eating lunch. One day, they had chili for lunch, and it was served with these peanut butter sandwiches. So ever since he was a child, he has eaten peanut butter sandwiches with his chili.

Now of course, he passed this along to me and my brother and now we love it too. We can not eat chili without peanut butter now. I will even go to my friend’s houses and tell them the same thing. Of course everyone tells me the same thing, that I am crazy and it sounds gross, but then they try it….

At first, people think it is weird, but once they actually try it, they usually love it!

For me, it is something about the chili with all the spices and the sweet peanut butter together. It just works!

I challenge all of you to go out and try this sometime and I’m sure you will love it. Maybe it will even become part of your regular chili routine.

Torie Nicholas

  1. For the benefit of our readers, Torie is my niece and her father is my brother, Steve. I can attest to the peanut butter sandwich story. We went to the same elementary school, Morrow Elementary in the Little Miami School District. I think back then, the schools got government subsidized peanut butter – hence the peanut butter (plain, not with jelly) sandwiches on white bread. Lots of extra fat, by today’s standards – but oh so good.

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