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#1 Christmas Gift

Cover of "Panini"
Cover of Panini

Parents, if you are looking for something to get your son or daughter and they are either currently in college or going to college soon, I have the perfect gift idea! This one thing is less than $20, and has really made a difference to me in college. This item is the sandwich maker. This may sound like it would not be a good gift, but it really makes cooking easy and turns a regular sandwich into a gourmet Panini with no extra work or added calories.

This sandwich maker makes my turkey sandwich for lunch into a gourmet sandwich and makes me enjoy it more. I am home on break right now and we had sandwiches for lunch. My parents even use my machine when I am home because it makes the sandwich taste that much better.

Why wouldn’t you get this when it is only $20. It even depends where you get it because they had them at Target on Friday for $3 and Wal-Mart for $4. That is so cheap!

The other nice part about this machine is that is small enough to be put anywhere. It can even be in a dorm, or a small apartment. It fits anywhere and it is very easy to clean. This can make the difference between someone not cooking to actually cooking sandwiches and enjoying it.

So again, it might be something smart to get for your kids, or even yourself. They really do make a difference for a sandwich.

Torie Nicholas

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