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Pizza Deals

Pizza Hut
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Being in college, I know how to save a buck or two. You have to know the tricks when your budget is very limited. For a treat, we will all order pizza and hang out. From this ordering trend, I have come to know how cheap is cheap.

When you think of ordering a pizza and think of a good deal, what do you think? 10 dollars for a large, 15?? It all depends on the person, but I bet I will have some good deals for you.

  1. $3.99 LARGE ONE TOPPING PIZZA from Akron local pizza place
  2. $4.99 LARGE ONE TOPPING PIZZA from Toledo local pizza place
  3. $5.99 MEDIUM ONE TOPPING PIZZA from Marco’s Pizza
  4. $7.99 LARGE ONE TOPPING PIZZA from Pizza Hut
  5. $9.99 2 LARGE 2 TOPPING PIZZAS from Happy Pizza (Toledo)


The list goes on and on. The point is, tell me any pizza place they have near Toledo and I bet I will be able to tell you the price. This is not because I love pizza, because I really don’t, but because I have to know of the deals. This comes with being cheap 🙂

Torie Nicholas

  1. Torie
    Nice to see you back posting.
    Think of it in a positive light as being frugal or thrifty.
    With the new economy of double digit unemployment, many of us are in your same boat looking for deals which is why McDonald’s stock is higher than it’s ever been. Although I haven’t been in McD’s for over a decade.
    On the rare occasion that I go the fast food route, I’ll do In-n-Out burger, protein style (no bun).

  2. I go to Micky D’s quite frequently – more than I ever did when I was a kid. Mainly for their coffee, which is very good and a great price. But I happen to think their premium salads are excellent and very healthy. Take a look at this nice nutrition tool for their Southwest Grilled Chicken salad. http://nutrition.mcdonalds.com/nutritionexchange/itemDetailInfo.do

    Torie, Pizza can be healthy too, if you control the ingredients (less high-fat meats, more vegetables), so Torie, you are smart to get a single-item pizza if you also take the time to doctor it up.

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