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Edible Creations

Tropical Fruits - Original Oil Painting
Image by wizan via Flickr

Have you always wanted to bring something special to a party but could never think of what to bring? Do you know what edible creations are? Anyway, Edible Creations is a company that makes fruit baskets and other decorations for special occasions. These arrangements are very expensive, but they look very nice and are a real treat to have.

I wanted to bring an arrangement like one of these to my friend’s dinner party, but I did not want to spend 70 dollars buying it. So what did I do instead?…. I made one!

First, my friend and I went to the Cleveland Farmer’s Market to buy all the different fruits. We used blueberries, strawberries, watermelon, apples, bananas, raspberries and other fruits. Any fruit can work, it is just up to the designer. Next, we went to Marc’s and bought a small decorative pot, Styrofoam and wooden sticks. We also picked up chocolate along the way. After we had all the necessary ingredients, totaling around 20-25 dollars, we got to work. In total, it took about 2 hours from start to finish creating a gorgeous arrangement. We used the sticks to put the fruit on, and made flower patterns out of the fruit. Not only did this arrangement look amazing, but it was very tasty too.

When it was finally finished and we took it over to our friends, everyone went crazy. They all thought it looked amazing and could not believe we recreated the look. It was especially impressive because it was only 1/3 of the cost, and ours was way bigger.  I have not needed to make another for a special occasion yet, but when the time arises, I hope to make another and make it look even more creative.

Torie Nicholas

  1. I made it a couple hours before I took it over to my friend’s house and after we made it, we just left it in the fridge. Nothing went bad or turned a funky color!

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