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10 reasons to over eat on Thanksgiving

Just Eat It!
Just Eat It!

While every other article is telling you to eat in moderation on Thanksgiving, this is the advice you’ve been waiting for.

It’s common sense. If you’re going to make all that food — just eat it!

Finally, there’s an author who is going to give you real gut busting advice for The Art of Overeating.

Here are 10 reasons to over eat and throw caution to the wind regarding food phobias…courtesy of Leslie Landis, MFT.  Does MFT stand for more fat thighs?

1. Instant gratification saves time
2. Aren’t we supposed to end world hunger?
3. Why cut pork when the government won’t?
4. Grow the economy and yourself.
5. The U.S.A. can still be No. 1 in something!
6. Excess is a normal American trait.
7. It is good exercise for your jaw.
8. You won’t have to fight temptation.
9. Overeaters get a lot of attention.
10. It sure does taste good.

I’ll drink to that.

Happy Thanksgiving

  1. Love it! Thanks, Karyn — and Happy Thanksgiving to you.

    By the way, I’m planning on turkey BBQ from Brushfire, turkey and cranberry tamales from Tucson Tamale Co., and mac ‘n’ cheese and creamed spinach from Trader Joe’s. Rebecca is making dessert, pumpkin cake with walnut butterscotch icing. Thank you for permission to enjoy it all without guilt if not without consequences!

  2. Laurie – Thank you

    Edie – I love Brushfire BBQ; I never had their turkey. It sounds like you’re having the traditional food items but with a twist plus your favorites thrown in — “mac ‘n’ cheese” – OMG how decadent!


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