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Feeding a Vegetarian, Vegan at Thanksgiving

Has this happened to you?

Your daughter, son, or another guest says they are bringing a friend  who is a vegetarian or a vegan to Thanksgiving dinner.

What to do?

Most vegetarians and vegans really don’t want you to fuss or single them out.

But here are some considerations:

Can they eat the stuffing if it’s made with sausage or chicken/beef broth or butter? Vegans don’t eat eggs or dairy products, as well as meat and fish.

What about sweet potatoes drizzled with maple syrup, orange juice, and crushed walnuts; baked pumpkin with vegetable stew; marinated lentil salad; baked squash with cranberry and rice stuffing?

What about a plate of heirloom tomatoes and fresh basil drizzed with olive oil or a nice salad of greens (no goat cheese) or roasted root vegetables?

There’s always tofurky or turk’y or simple some last minute veggie burgers.  

Everyone can eat cranberry relish or mango chutney.

Perhaps your other guests will dig in too. Maybe nobody will miss the meat.

More vegetarian Thanksgiving suggestions from TLC.

  1. My step-son at the time chose vegetarianism not too long before one Thanksgiving and we went the Tofurky route for him.

    Just watch for any hidden ingredients in prepared salad dressings and the like (for instance, Caesar salad dressing contains anchovies, as does Worcestershire sauce).

  2. I can’t help but comment on a different kind of “vegetarian” as I am currently reading “Twilight” by Stephanie Meyer and I can’ t put the book down. It’s the ultimate “bad boy” love story that is suitable for any age as it is G rated. Love it!

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