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Potato Peeling Made Easy

Easy peasy peel a potato

Do you hate peeling potatoes as much as I do?

Here’s a cool video made my Mary Anne from Gilligan’s Island; she now lives in Idaho.

I have not tried this myself but I will. I wonder if it works with Yukon gold potatoes which I have a bag of and actually just eat them with the skins because I’m lazy and doesn’t the peel have nutrition?

  1. Thanks Karyn. Wow – that was easy! I remember doing that with tomatoes from the garden before freezing the extra bounty I would get in zip locks, but hadn’t thought about potatoes. A great tip for making potato salad.

    It was also fun seeing Dawn Wells again (aka Mary Ann from Gilligan’s Island). She’s still so perky! I have fond memories of the Island – it was a great show for kids imaginations (remember the Professor’s inventions) and a simpler time.

    Who knew she did a cookbook back in ’93, Mary Ann’s Gilligan Island Cookbook? Sounds like a fun gift for the person that has everything. I found it available used on Amazon and it got pretty good reviews. Evidently some tasty family recipes, and of course the infamous coconut cream pie recipe, mixed in with interesting stories from shooting Gilligan’s Island.

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