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Gourmet Food Vendor Trucks – Sunday Morning Broadcast

LA foodies have even more reason to celebrate the city’s great food offerings, with the rise in the gourmet food vendor trucks you’re seeing across its city streets.
Sunday Morning’s broadcast yesterday gives you a delicious sample of them, including Kogi, Border Grill’s Taco Truck, Asian Mexican Fusion, Marked 5, Sprinkles cupcakes. Besides the opportunity to try some different cuisine, it also brought up some good points about lower prices (less overhead), and how Twitter has been a great tool for connecting with patrons. They left off another good point in my view – given southern California traffic, I’m also excited anytime I think about NOT getting into the car to go somewhere.


  1. It was fun to see one of the two “Red Hot Tamales” chicks getting into it. I wish we had these here in Dayton. The variety was fantastic – very creative.

  2. Many years ago when I lived in LA I took some cooking classes from the Too Hot Tamales — Rita & Susan. I still have my autographed cookbooks and occasionally refer to them.

    Their City Restaurant was one of my all time favorites.

    Next time I go to L.A., I have to find one of these trucks. It works in LA because of the size and diversity.

    Thanks for posting. It made me hungry for a bbq pork slider.

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