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Tucson-Welcome to FlavorSchool: The ABCs of Flavor

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Embark on an edible voyage of self discovery.

Every person has a unique fingerprint. Perhaps they have a unique flavorprint as well.

A person’s flavorprint is made up of all the flavors, foods, tastes, and aromas that please you most.

These are the flavors that enhance your pleasure and enrich your enjoyment of food and drink. Does the pleasure and satisfaction you experiences through food and drink feed your spirit?

Feeding the body and the spirit is what Flavorbank FlavorSchool wants to do.

You can start by checking out Tasting Classes in the Flavorbank FlavorSchool where you’ll learn to identify those flavors, foods, and favorite things that taste best to you. Think of it as an edible voyage of self-discovery.

Borrowing from the tradition of the wine world, Co-founders Master Sommelier Laura Williamson & James Beard Award Winner Jennifer English will prepare and present “Flavor Flights” that will allow students to taste four or more varietals of any subject in order to find a favorite. FlavorSchool helps the individual student (that’s you) to declare with confidence and expertise what tastes best.

The soon to be one hour Tasting Classes each tour the subtle as well as dramatic differences that distinguish one brand, varietal, or version of an item from another. Imagine tasting five different varietals of whole black pepper for the bold characteristics of each. Have you ever tasted the flavor, texture, and mouth feel differences of chocolates, cheeses, wines, butters, sea salts, pears, or pastes in side-by-side focused tastings led by a flavor expert?
Their mission at FlavorSchool is to help you discover becoming the expert in your own world  of the amazing flavors that uniquely taste best to you. In other words, to discover your own flavorprint.

Stay tuned for the class schedule. Flavorbank is located at El Mercado Plaza, 6372 E. Broadway Blvd (SE corner at Wilmot), 747-5431.

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  1. I think this sounds like a great idea. for me, I personally found it to be true with flour. I can tell the difference between different flours after using my bread baking machine numerous times. I started developing a preference for taste and texture. There definitely is a difference between bread flours and all-purpose flours. And my favorite bread flour is semolina, so far. Practice makes perfect.

  2. It’s a terrific concept. I think the food and the wine tastings are best kept separate, though. I’m thinking of the red wine and dark chocolate tasting at your house, Karyn. We did great with record keeping in the beginning but after a few glasses of wine all the careful note taking went down the drain.

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