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Dayton Native, Martha Stewart Pie Contest

Martha Stewart Pie Contest Finalist
Martha Stewart Pie Contest Finalist

Congratulations to Shannon Weidel who was born and raised in Dayton, Ohio. Shannon was honored as a finalist on Martha Stewart’s first ever pie contest.

Shannon will be featured on the episode which airs Monday, November 16. Check your local programming networks. The show will also air again on Saturday November 21 at 7 a.m. on the Fine Living Network.

Shannon is a  31-year-old fashion designer who brought along her minced pie because she wanted to try something different. Shannon’s pie was chosen as one of the best for taste and appearance out of the 161 pies that were baked and brought to Martha’s New York TV studio. 

Thanks to the Martha Stewart Show for sharing this info with us. Photo credit goes to Nick D./’The Martha Stewart Show.

Dayton/Beaver Creek has been a hot spot lately what with the Extreme Makeover Show and now Martha Stewart.

  1. It doesn’t surprise me that a Minced pie would catch Martha’s eye. Good for you Shannon Weidel! I am curious if it was a Minced “meat” pie.

    Just north of Dayton, there is a family-run butcher shop and bakery run by German Baptists. It is called Landes Farms (http://www.landesfreshmeats.com/products.asp). They are known for their homemade sausages, fresh meats, and their pies – which they still make using lard. But what I remember them most for is their minced meat pies with real meat.

    Their minced meat is not at all like the awful tasing minced meatless pies made from the contents in a jar. They are very spicy with cloves and cinnamon, raisins, and other yummy things. I can’t recall what the meat is that they use. I have not had one for years because I don’t eat lard any more (or trans fats for that matter), but the memories will be there forever.

  2. All of the contestants for the Martha Stewart pie contest should know that the winner is a professional. He has her own website, cookbook and was a regular on the Jay Leno show and other talk shows.
    The pies were supposed to be homemade.
    I recognized Marjorie Johnson from Minn. as soon as Martha spoke to her in the audience. The judges might as well have picked each other.
    I feel taken by Martha and the contestants should be furious.

  3. MARJORIE JOHNSON IS NOT A PROFESSIONAL. Yes, she has been on Jay Leno and other talk shows, but that is because she is an entertainer. She has a website. She put all her blue ribbon recipes in a cookbook for her three adult children, gave it to them, and it is theirs. She has not received a dime from her cookbook. She is still an amateur who loves to bake and practiced for years to be a good pie baker and all things baked. Any pie Marjorie bakes is baked in her own home in her kitchen and has never sold any of her baking. She bakes for her family and enters recipe contests and Minnesota fairs.

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