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Tucson Fundraiser: PETA Appeal to Stun Lobsters

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from the PETA press release

Tucson’s Child and Family Resources Won’t Boil Conscious Lobsters at Fundraiser

In response to a request from PETA asking for compassion for the hundreds of lobsters destined for the plates of Tucson’s Child and Family Resource’s dinner guests, the human services organization has agreed to try out a new device whose inventor says will quickly stun the lobsters before they are cooked for its upcoming fundraiser.

The brand-new device claims to protect lobsters from being boiled alive and to spare them pain when they’re killed.

The revolutionary Crustastun, which was developed by a British man named Simon Buckhaven, is designed to knock a lobster unconscious in half a second with an electric current that runs through the animal’s brain. The device then sends a continuing current that Buckhaven says destroys the animal’s nervous system in five seconds.

In contrast, lobsters who are boiled alive struggle for two to three minutes before dying.

The Lobster Landing fundraiser happens Saturday November 14 in Tucson and Oro Valley. Prepaid orders have already been taken.

You can read more about lobster liberation on this website.

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