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Office Party Food Suggestions

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The other night, I attended a networking event at Elements IV Interiors – a high-end office furniture and design company here in Dayton Ohio. In addition to winning a door prize worth $175 (how cool is that), I had a wonderful time. Everything was perfect – the atmosphere, the energy, and the food.

What made Kim’s event so successful? She had office party food that was sophisticated, healthy, and plentiful.

It was all orchestrated by Kim Duncan, the CEO. Kim and I went to Miami University at the same time (in the late 70’s) but we did not meet until five years ago. I’ve learned a lot from Kim. She is a savvy business person who turned an interior design degree into a thriving business designing beautiful high-tech offices for government and business.

Anyway, Kim came up with the idea of routinely holding networking events at her office/showroom to create a buzz about her company. That is the event that I went to the other night. You walk in the door and find yourself in a beautifully designed lobby with two-story space full of light and green building materials (like bamboo flooring) and comfortable, stylish seating. You just want to BE there. It’s a great start.

I was warmly greeted by her staff and directed towards the wine bar that had a selection of seven different wines that we could taste through out the evening. I chose a red wine that was wonderful. Sorry for not taking notes, but I wanted to simply enjoy the evening.

The food? She has it down pat. There was giant shrimp on ice, hummus with toasted pita bread, fresh vegetables artfully arranged on a platter, wraps sliced in little rounds, an abundance of olives, salami / pepperoni slices, tortilla chips and salsa, and more. For dessert, she had chocolate covered strawberries and petifores.

I started watching what I am eating last week because I am going to my sister’s wedding in two weeks and wanted to lose 5 pounds and was able to stay on my diet very easily and have one glass of wine to boot! You can’t say that about a lot of office party food. Today’s sophisticated business people want a choice.

What made Kim’s event so successful? She had office party food that was sophisticated, healthy, and plentiful. Everyone had a good time.

  1. Mary – Thanks for the great blog and your kind comments about the gathering Thursday night. We had a perfect size group with many new connections made throughout the evening. The seven wines were enjoyed by many and quite a few bottles were purchased by our guest to take home for enjoyment. Plus, $1 of every bottle purchased went to our Charity-of-Year program.

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