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Restaurant Server Etiquette

Here’s part one of an article that lists 50 things restaurant staff should never do.

This punched my buttons because some of these things are my pet peeves such as:

–When I’m with someone and they consult the waiter or waitress as to their favorite. I really don’t care what their favorite is and that doesn’t mean it will be mine too.

–When the hostess says, “Just one?” (Yes, I shot my husband in the parking lot, so just one for now.)

–When the server asks how the food is or how the meal is and then if it’s not rosy fails to comment or do anything about it.

You read these for yourself. There are pages and pages of comments. Life is too short to read all the comments but some of them are a hoot.

Do you have any restaurant pet peeves?

And if you work in a restaurant, what are your pet peeves of diners? Here’s one waiter who wrote a book on the subject.

  1. I’m curious (being one of those folks who will sometimes ask the server “what’s good” or “what can you recommend”), why does asking favorites bother you? I never feel obligated to order it just because the server thinks it’s the best thing on the menu and in a new place it can be helpful to find out what’s the most popular item among locals or regulars.

  2. Jennifer
    That’s a good question.
    I think if I’m in another city, I might ask that question.
    But I’m pretty confident about what I like and don’t want an opinion about the food but if I’m ordering wine (wine decisions come before food) I might ask what on the menu goes with a certain wine looking for some nuances.

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