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Feed me bubbe will be back

Everybody’s favorite Jewish grandmother — bubbe at 83 years young – is getting her own PBS show.

Oy vay, imagine that. What’s not to like?  Eat, eat, it will make your strong.

Here’s a preview of what’s in the oven.

To learn more about bubbe and her secret sauce, check this out.

To explore a Jewish cookbook written by other bubbes, click here.

  1. Wonderful! In the preview you provided, she said of her fans “There is something about me that is filling a need.” I agree.

    Her getting a PBS show is not a surprise given what I read earlier this week in the WSJ. The article said that the Food Network is abandoning the professional cooks and going for approachable, good home cooks (Rachel Ray, Paula Dean, etc.)

    They are making their own celebrities – much like reality TV with Design Star, American Idol, etc.

  2. Great Video!

    The Digital Nation Interview was a great thing in sharing some of the positives around how the Internet impacts us all. It also testifies how important it is to be authentic (which Bubbe is).

    I just hope her becoming a celebrity doesn’t change that!

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