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How to Make Cheese Crisps

I came upon this video on “How to Make Cheese Crisps” from provolone cheese that looked so easy and mouth-watering good that I just had to share.

I came upon it while playing with a new “techie tool” from www.Clicker.com that is supposed to be a “guide to internet television”.  You can watch the entire full feature or just clips.

Here is the Food and Cooking category where it lists the most popular shows.  The one at the top featured Rocco Dispirito in one episode where he is helping a real person cook a meal to get out of hot water with his girlfriend

Some of these have intro commercials, some appear not to.  I don’t have expensive cable TV so I don’t get a chance to see most of these shows.  I’ve been looking for a way to make more use of the Internet TV anyway.  This looks promising.

  1. I _love_ Frico but doing it in a skillet takes so very long (especially when I’m making them for a party) that I just use the shredded Parmesan on a silpat (best) or parchment (okay) and do them in the oven. The texture is slightly different when baked but I also found that they could be stored longer after baking and were more cracker-like.

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