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First Family: Health, Fitness, Nutrition


Physically Fit Obama
Physically Fit Obama

It’s exciting to have a presidential family that radiates good health, nutrition, and fitness. Leading by example is great, especially for young families, teenagers, and children.

There’s probably a bunch of ultra conservatives out there who think that advocating good health and fitness is some kind of socialistic plot…so be it.

Kudos to Men’s Health, Women’s Health, and Children’s Health magazines for scoring the Obamas on their October issues which hit the newsstands on September 15.

President Obama, who appears on the cover of Men’s Health for a second time, turned to the publication to speak directly to the 12 million Men’s Health readers at a critical juncture in the healthcare debate.  The President, who is a prototypical Men’s Health guy, explains how healthcare changes will affect American men and their families.

Plus, he shares his personal diet and workout strategies.

Women’s Health got the exclusive scoop on Michelle. Obama’s famously well-toned arms by getting the exercises she performs straight from her long-time personal trainer. The First Lady is dedicated to fitness and to making smart food choices for herself and her family.

Did you know that Michelle Obama loves fries? She said: “I do love a good burger and fries. French fries are my favorite food in the whole world. If I could, I’d eat them at every meal—but I can’t. My whole thing is moderation.” 

Yes, we know the President is trying to quit smoking like millions of other Americans but at least the First Family eats broccoli.

  1. There is a political motive behind every action – Republican OR Democrat, big business OR small business. Just like commercials, getting exposure is important for their “brand”. Ever heard of businesses getting giddy over unsolicited “free press”? Don’t be naive.

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