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Food safety: no chicken from China

Some of us can probably agree that we like Chinese chicken salad but let’s draw the line at Chinese chicken or chicken from China.

The U.S. already has plenty of food safety issues but the big three chicken processors — bad boys Tyson, Smithfield, and Cargill want to allow chicken processing from China because the costs are cheaper as are the standards.

If you saw Food Inc., the movie, you already saw the disgusting scenes from from two of the three above…and those torturing, feces filled blood bath scenes were in the U.S. I cannot fathom what would happen in China.

Please sign the government petition, forward the petition to your friends, and do whatever you can not to get the government to import chickens from China.  We already have more than enough food recalls.

So far in 2009, over 600 shipments of food from China were blocked from coming into the U.S., including fish, cookies, candy, crackers, juice, tea, canned and dried vegetables, and spices.

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