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Twitter Updates for 2009-08-27

  • Went to Maynards Market for lunch. Ate a delicious Cuban pork sandwich (half for dinner) and a Bibb lettuce salad with figs and pistachios. #
  • Hungry by mid-morning or mid-day? Try adding some protein into your breakfast – one egg white or a piece of Canadian bacon or turkey breast #
  • Mary: I have to admit that I go to McDonald's quite frequently – albeit it for coffee. #
  1. Edie, are you Cuban? I love Cuban food! I was in Miami 4 years ago and got introduced to it there. I particularly remember a family-owned restaurant where I got fish. I can’t remember a bit of detail other than the pleasant memories from the experience.

  2. Mary

    Did you go to Columbia restaurant?

    That is a big Cuban “chain” of family owned restaurants in Florida. I have been to one in the Sarasota area and I think Tampa in that trendy Cuban part of town. Is it called Yborg City? That was so long ago.

  3. Karyn, we were staying in Coral Gables, FL and all I can remember is that we went straight North (exploring in the car) and ran into a Cuban neighborhood restaurant that was on a corner. I tried to find it in Google maps but couldn’t. I know this does not tell you much, but what is interesting to me is what I remember and what I don’t. I am very tactile and visual.

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