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ME: New Beverage Sensation, Coming Soon

Match your ME beverage with your personality
Match your ME beverage with your personality

It’s all about ME.

The ME people sent me four 4-packs of Find Your ME beverages.

Since it’s not all about me, I decided to share with several people so I could get a variety of opinions.

But first a little about ME beverages: ME is packaged in bright colored sleek 10.5 oz containers and packages so it’s guaranteed to catch the eye. The target audience is probably Gen-X and younger and most definitely females. ME’s SRP is $3.99 and will be available in grocery stores nationwide in September.

Although not a diet drink, ME is not nearly as sweet as regular soda. It only has 70 calories. ME uses low glycemic sweeteners as well as fructose but not high fructose corn syrup. The packaging says it’s all natural.

I brought the beverages to a group of women between 30-something and 60-something. Everyone liked them and wanted to know where they could buy more. Some of the comments were “zingy, zippy, zesty, sophisticated, refreshing, perky, yummy.”  These women seemed somewhat tongue-tied and preoccupied.

Flavors are totally fun and not your usual. Flavors pair with personalities. Think liquid mood ring.

My favorite flavor was dragonfruit +blackberry. I would never have guessed the combo because who knows what dragonfruit is? I guess I’m “unavailable” (sort of like a horoscope in a can) – My personality can best described as a strong personality, confident in their position and inner strength, can be a bit intimidating, perceived as unapproachable but offer a great deal of beauty and insight. Actually, that’s pretty close to who I am.

Who knew a can of liquid refreshment could be so perceptive?

Other flavors are vivacious-tangerine/pineapple, curious-blackberry/lime (this was my second favorite), and uninhibited-pink grapefruit.

My 30-something handyman tasted uninhibited and found it very refreshing but didn’t think it was sweet enough for his kids to like. Chris felt he matched the description of uninhibited – not constrained by societal norms or peer pressure, free spirited, open minded, and eager to experience the unknown.

Have fun exploring ME.

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  1. “Me” in this age of me!, me!, me! seems like a novel marketing tactic. They should consider coordinating a promotion with Self Magazine:) or maybe some type of conjoined 6-pack and call it “US”

  2. It sounds like it is an improvement, but also a compromise.

    Energy drinks- terribly misnamed, are one of the nastiest things one can put in the body. I’ve read countless articles on the subject, have written them as well, and occasionally speak about the topic.

    There is an exception in that market that got introduced Sept 1st, 2009 (2 days ago as I write this), that is in a category of it’s own. It is completely natural and yet with years of scientific research, it has some pretty amazing benefits and is very good for the mind and alertness as well. Sweetened with Stevia leaf, an herb.

    It has a bit of caffeine, due to the green tea extract, but it’s the other ingredients that make the big difference. In the interest of disclosure, I became so impressed I became a rep for the product. I can guarantee you won’t find anything like it anywhere. I was able to obtain some before it was officially launched, and drink it everyday with great benefit. ( long-lasting energy and alertness with no crash)

    I almost feel sorry for the general public that for the most part won’t look past the grocery isle to find something exceptional.


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