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Food bloggers wanted

Food bloggers wanted

Circle of Food knows you’re out there. We’re looking for a few good food bloggers who are passionate about food. 

Summer bounty
Summer bounty

Do you devour cookbooks instead of mystery novels?

Is chocolate your consuming passion?

Are you wine-savvy?

Are you a personal chef with tips and recipes to share?

Are you a whiz at preparing family-friendly meals?

Are you a vegetarian or vegan who wants to share your knowledge with others or are you just beginning and want to show us the way?

Do you have an organic garden?

Are you writing a cookbook and want recipe testers?

Are you on Weight Watchers or another diet?

Are you suddenly single and learning to cook for one?

These are just some of the topics that we’re looking for but really the possibilities are endless as long as they relate to food and have a healthy slant of some persuasion or in moderation.

Of course, almost anyone can start a food blog – but, will they keep it up?  There’s got to be a landmine full of abandoned food blogs out there now.
Here, you can test the waters without too much commitment. Post once a week or once every two weeks.

By blogging at Circle of Food, you can get your name out there and put us on your resume. You can even promote your product or brand in moderation as long as your posts are newsy and informative.

We do not accept bloggers who want to post about diet supplements or MLM products.

Please contact karynzoldan AT yahoo.com with your topic suggestion and write a paragraph or two about your topic and what your commitment would be. I’m also happy to answer any questions you have.

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