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Bottled Water: Hydration Elsewhere

Well, I guess the bottled water boom is drying up.

Blame it on the economy as people are rethinking (and it’s about time) bottled water.

Tap water in a plastic bottle or reused plastic bottle or aluminum bottle looks better and better all the time.

This is according to an article in the Washington Post.

And according to the Arizona Daily Star, Aquafina (bottled by Pepsi Cola) does not come from a cool stream as the word might have you imagine but rather from the same tap water that we Tucsonans drink. The difference: it’s double filtered locally and sold astronomically.

  1. I use bottled water a lot but wish I could save money and landfills with tap water. I am allergic to chlorine and other chemicals and have such sensitivities to smells and tastes. I have tried filtered water from our frig with an expensive filter but it tastes awful to me. I usually drink bottled spring water whenever possible. Unfortunately it seems more my problem with extreme sensitivities of smells and tastes. Most everyone else seems fine with drinking the filtered water. It concerns me to drink bottled water as I’m afraid one day we will hear the plastic bottles causes health issues. I continue to look for another solution. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I try to limit the use of bottled water in my life, but there are still times when the convenience outweighs the environmental negatives. I know I need to work on this. It takes planning ahead.

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