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Tucson restaurant news-cake, burgers, French cravings, $5 desserts

Tucson restaurant news

Wow! There’s lots going down during the thick of summer but the pace always picks up (hopefully not the temperatures) during back to school days.

Happy Birthday: eat cake
Tucson turns 234 on August 20 and the city is buzzing for opportunities to eat cake. You can check out the website for all the details of where and when. One of the biggest events will be at Hotel Congress which coincides with the 4th Avenue Underpass opening and ribbon cutting. Many professional bakers and bakeries will be competing, celebrity judges will be judging, and you’re invited to sample it all.

Burger City 1 and 2
Burger City 1 which is part of ArtFare across from the Ronstadt Center is going dark during August and will reopen in September with a new menu and an alter ego  available to cater receptions, performances, to rent the space out for fundraisers, and for special dinner and lunch meetings.  Burger City 2 will open at Williams Center in September.

Vive le French Cuisine
The movie Julie & Julia has stirred up a whole new passion for French cuisine. Book stores nationwide have run out of Mastering the Art of French Cooking.  Doug Levy at FEAST restaurant has coq au vin on the menu (the menu changes weekly) for his customers who have been demanding French food.

$5 Desserts
How sweet it is…If you don’t get your fill of Tucson birthday cake, check out Kristie Guest’s desserts at Pastiche Modern Eatery. She’s developed new desserts as well as some old favorites.

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