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Butter and Julie & Julia, the movie

Today I saw the movie Julie & Julia with six of my foodie girl friends. I think I was drooling aloud.

Although some critics are panning the Julie/Amy Adams character, I enjoyed the contrast of coincidences and struggles that both Julie and Julia faced – initial unfulfilled professional/personal lives, their drive to finish a project against all odds, husbands, rising above the crowd.

Meryl Streep as Julia shined.

I predict that she not only will be nominated for best actress but that she’ll win (again). Her voice and mannerisms  captured Julia Child. Somehow even at 5’6” they made her appear taller by pairing her with a shorter man (Stanley Tucci) and towering over the rest of the female cast except her sister.

And then there’s the butter.

It should’ve had a movie credit to call its own because butter is in so many scenes. (Was it Land o Lakes? You don’t get better product placement than that.) So what if it didn’t have a speaking part. I have not seen that much butter ever. Butter. Butter. Butter. I wonder how many pounds of butter Julie used in her year of cooking 524 Mastering the Art of French Cooking recipes?

Some night this week I am going to sauté a piece of fish in butter not olive oil spray like I always use. Then I’m going to eat a piece of divine chocolate and sip Coppola Sofia Blanc de Blanc (if I can find it locally without too much hassle). My ode to Julie and Julia. I have no inclination to debone a duck in this lifetime.

Is this a chick flick or are guys going to see it too?

What’s for dinner after watching the movie?

What were you craving on your way out of the movie?

  1. As one of the foodies who took part of the Julie/Julia outing, I concur in Karyn’s movie review. Do men and women struggle with personal/professional fulfillment differently — and does the focus on the female version of that struggle make this a chick flick? I don’t know. It’s true, there’s little violence, except for the lobster scene.

    But does it matter? I think the point is that there’s a huge – and largely untapped – audience for movies that appeal to women. I hope this film is hugely successful and inspires more like it to be made. I walked out uplifted, envious of these woman’s success in love and work — and hungry.

  2. I saw the movie on Friday with 2 female friends. One didn’t like the Julie character at all & the other liked her better, as did I. I am an Amy Adam fan & liked her in the movie – but she did pale to the always stellar Streep. I also, have no intention of deboning a duck, but when the weather gets cooler, that Beoff Bourginogn (sp? – it’s been a long time since my HS French) will be cooked up for a few guests & me!

  3. If they would remake this movie without the Julie character and put any part of Julia which ended up on the cutting room floor it would make this a Best Picture contestant. I think there were more martinis in the movie than butter.

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