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Meryl Streep: What’s for Dinner? Chicken

In the Glamour magazine’s September edition which hits the newsstands August 11, Meryl Streep talks about chicken and how to make it last all week. Streep likes chicken…organic only, please. 

She starts by making Julia Child’s roast chicken and from that point creates her own recipes to reinvent the chicken every night.

The article also includes Amy Adam’s guacamole and Nora Ephron’s 10 minute dinner.

Dig in!

Meryl Streep and Amy Adams star in the movie, Julie & Julia. If you’ve seen the movie, tell us how you liked it. Then tell us what you craved after seeing the movie?

  1. Karyn, three girlfriends and myself went to see Julie and Julia last night – which is an ideal way to see it and have a perfect summer evening in my book. I loved the movie. Of course I’m always amazed by incredible Meryl Streep – and Amy Adams did a great job too.

    As for food and movie’s promotion – the chocolate cakes Amy Adams and her husband devour together left me drooling. You suggested restaurants take advantage of the movie’s premier. I did see one near the theater having a 1/2 off sale as part of a pre-movie dinner – but it didn’t mention any French menu item with it, which was too bad. It might have grabbed some foodies attention if they had.

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