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Day 8: “Move That Bus” Reveal – Extreme Makeover Home Edition

Day 8:  The Finished Home
Day 8: The Finished Home

The Finished Home Isn’t it lovely!  Who wouldn’t want to live here in this beautiful one-story home that is finally done after a busy 8 days of controlled chaos.

I showed up at the home site around 2:45 pm and did not miss a thing.  The bus was in front of the home  and people, some who had been there for 6-7 hours (why so early, I don’t know), were patiently waiting the event.  There were free bottles of water and free bags of potato chips provided for the comfort of the spectators.

Shortly thereafter, the bus tooted its horn four times to signal that the family was only 10 minutes away.  Ty and the design staff came out of the home to greet them. 
The Terpenning Family Arrival
The Terpenning Family Arrival

The limo, containing the Terpenning family showed up around 3:20.  They spent a lot of time reshooting some scenes, (getting out of the limo), interviewing them with Ty and some dignitaries from Wright-Patterson AFB, where Mr. Terpenning works.

Finally, I was able to see Ty and the family approach the home – again, stopping for the required photo opportunities.  It was quite moving to see them approach the home.  I kept trying to put myself in their shoes to somewhat experience what they might be going through emotionally. 
I am so excited for them.  I do think they are very deserving.  They have worked hard to make it, given their hardships, and I am glad that they are being rewarded for that hard work.  
The Family Approaching Their New Home
The Family Approaching Their New Home

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