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Day 6: Extreme Makeover Home Edition

Day 6:  8:00 pm
Day 6: 8:00 pm

Well, here it is at Day 6.  It rained all day and has just recently stopped.  Fortunately, the house was under roof with the shingles on when it started.  As you can see, they are really making good progress and have made up for the delay on Day 4 when they broke a water main.

They were installing the garage doors just after this photo was taken.

Day 5 Progress
Day 5 Progress

Yesterday, Day 5, I took a friend of mine, Karen Diehl, and her daughter Christine to see it for the first time.  Karen has ties to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base (she used to work there) and knows the 3-star General who initially submitted the application recommending the Terpenning family for the show.  The general is soon-to-retire and plans to stay in Dayton, as so many AF retirees do.  It is a great place to live as there is culture, the arts, nature and recreation, and high-tech jobs all with an easy commute.

Everytime I walk over to the home, I have to go past the guard at the end of the street.  His shirt says “Extreme Security”.  I learned that he actually works for ABC and they move around the country to support the show.  They do two Extreme Home Make Over shows a month so the support teams are known as Alpha and Beta team.

Someone also said that Ty (who I have yet to see – my timing is off) is flying between Dayton and Minnesota, filming two shows at once.

The Beavercreek show is to air in October.

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