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Vote for your favorite famers market

On Sunday August 8 at midnight, online voting closes in American Farmland Trust’s (AFT) America’s Favorite Farmers Markets Contest.

With more than 700 markets participating and over 22,000 votes cast since June, this contest has shown how much people love to connect with their local farmers, and how consumers have a real loyalty to the markets in their communities.

Coinciding with the last week of voting in AFT’s contest, the U.S. Department of Agriculture is celebrating National Farmers Market Week from August 2-8 and encouraging consumers to visit their local markets. Farmers markets are becoming more prevalent with nearly five percent more markets this year than last.

Farmers markets customers are encouraged to vote and to tell their friends about the contest. Customers can vote for more than one market, but only may cast one vote per market. And, you can track the leader board online which continuously updates the top 20 markets in each size category.

American Farmland Trust designed the promotion to celebrate farmers markets and to help draw the connection between the necessity of farm and ranch land and the availability of fresh, local food. In addition, farmers markets can provide community economic development opportunities and help farms stay economically viable. The economic health of farm operations is one key to protect farm and ranch land—since economic stress often causes farmers to exit the industry.

In Tucson, Santa Cruz River Farmers Market is listed. Please consider voting for it.

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