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Extreme MakeOver Home Edition Beavercreek – The Good Morning Announcement

So much for my career as an investigative reporter.  Thanks to one our readers, I learned of the ACTUAL location and believe it or not, it is one street down from where I live!  I go past it when I take my routine walks.  The address is 548 Carthage, Beavercreek, Ohio.  Learn more about the familyMore photos.

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I was only able to get within a short block of the house because  the streets were blocked off by police.  I could, however, walk down the street that is directly behind the home to take these photos.  As I was there, two catering trucks rolled in from “About Thyme” location catering. 

The photo below shows the back of the house (it is over the fence). 

The Selected House - In the Backyard Behind the fence

The police were very friendly about it all.  The crowd was curious and excited.  Everyone talking to each other and to others on their cell phones.

Police Barricades

This is the side street (Casler), just 3 doors down from the house which is on Carthage.    The house is down the street and to the left on Carthage.


I was told that this was the crew bus.

The Crew Bus

Again, the crew bus with the abnormally busy side street traffic.  These streets are normally empty and quiet.

The Streets Surrounding Ground Zero

  1. Well, we all sucked at our Darst Road predictions =) My mom works in the same building as the winner but does not know him personally =)

  2. Can’t believe this! Yes he is in a wheelchair,sometimes.He can also walk. My mom worked with him. He has got his college paid for him free and makes around 70,000 a year. Yes he helps out veterans with disability’s that’s nice. Do they pay him?He has a ranch house which is wheelchair accessible and a van. They have one bathroom. Don’t you think they can take out a loan and bump out their house?
    I am so sad at all the family’s they passed over for this family! I am not a hater or jealous. I just know it went to the wrong family. Very sad day Beavercreek.

  3. “Sad Day”???? You need to change your attitude. What do you do for the community? You should put your stones back in your pocket.

    It is safe to say that you do not know his whole story. You certainly do not know what you are talking about.

    I hope that your eyes can be opened and you can enjoy this wonderful community experience.

    Peace and Joy

  4. Peace and joy,
    I have volunteered for over 20 years! For many family’s and many important medical issues and for people with disabilty’s and for the community. Sometimes the truth of reality hurts! Yes i do know the whole story and more!
    Are you seriously in your mind trying to say that a person who has a nice job making good money has insurance no medical bills and has had his college paid for and more is indeed a good candidate?When he is very capable of bumping out his house like everyone else in this situation would do…I am truly dumbfounded that he would even be nominated given those circumstances.
    Yes he talk to people with disability’s,he also gets paid for it. The veterans who he talks to now that is a heart felt nice thing!Is that worthy of all of this? The true hero’s are the veterans who are now left disabled with not much help from the government.They are the ones more deserving!Reach into your heart and mind and mull that over for a while.
    The people helping make this house a reality are wonderful people but they are the ones who don’t know the whole story.
    Peace and love to all. Speaking the truth will sometimes set you free!

  5. Get over it Sad Day. You don’t even know the whole story! Now stop being so selfish and let the family enjoy this happy moment.

  6. Just returned from the Extreme Makeover Home Edition Beavercreek Ohio location and thought you might want the scoop on what’s ahead.

    Those of you living near Dayton know that last night brought lots of rain. Fortunately the walls were up on the house so that weather didn’t impact the build. Talked to one of the EMHE staff and they are now back on schedule after getting a behind over the weekend.

    According to this staff coordinator the “move in” is scheduled for 4pm tomorrow but will probably happen at 8pm. Kellie Pickler’s concert is tomorrow evening (Wednesday at the site). Reveal is scheduled for 2pm on Thursday but that time will probably slip to 4pm.

    Comment to “Sad Day” – the purpose of this show is to be inspirational to the viewers. I’m sure the other area families’ stories were just as inspirational or they wouldn’t have even been considered.

    While I don’t know any of these families personally I can appreciate how difficult it must have been for the EMHE staff to choose. Remember, they are making one family extremely happy and disappointing others. Any why choose someone who’s in the military? Why not the family who’s child is living with cancer? Why not that GM worker who was injured on the job and has now lost all of his benefits? Why not ???????

    It’s a fact that the list of deserving families would be very long but I am thankful every day that NO ONE in my family would be on that list!

    Residents of Beavercreek and the surrounding Dayton area should be thankful to EMHE staff and all the volunteers at this build who are shining a bright light on our community. The Miami Valley has suffered some hard economic blows just like James Terpenning’s was dealt as an infant by polio.

    We should celebrate this man’s accomplishments and contributions to society.

  7. Thank you, “Glad 4 Them” for showing the real reason that this is great! I am so proud to say that I am a Beavercreek resident. Our community has shown so much pride and compassion the last few days, I have lived here my whole life and I think that this is one of the most exciting things to have happened here. You are right, the entire Miami Valley is having a light shown on it and we should be thankful during such rough times. This might help our community and a deserving family! Yeah!

  8. I feel that people should not comment about things they do not know. This family’s story is amazing! James deserves every bit of that house! I’ve know him for years and him and his family ate very giving and caring. Out of the five houses chosen james is the only one that I’d not take advantage of the show. His old house was not easy to move in a wheel chair and now with his brother living with the family it’s harder. James only wanted a one story and nothing out of the norm like and elevator where as the other families wanted huge houses with expensive additions to them. James’ childhood story is the most inspiring and amazing story I’ve ever heard and if you don’t know it then you shouldn’t judge him or his family for what they have been given. Any comments about mine I’d love to correct for someone because I believe that this family is 100% the right family choosen.

  9. How can you put yourself in the position to be the judge an order of who is most worthy and who is least? James and his family, and all the stress his wife must go through, caring for 6 and a household, certainly qualifies. Are there people out there with stronger cases of need? of course! Remember that the EMHE is also a TV show with producers that need to keep this show interesting to the viewers. They have built homes for countless veterans, and even more kids with cancer. They can’t keep doing the same show each week. At the end of the day, EMHE is also in the entertainment business.
    I’m sure there were endless other deciding factors we wouldn’t think of such as lot size permit availabilities, neighborhood regulations, etc.
    Also, I have heard that some of these “winners” have not been able to keep their homes after a few years. Undoubtedly due to hardships in their lives. The fact that James has a decent, steady job is a good thing and I think it should be a part of the decision making. BTW, do you really know how far $70K/year will go with a family of 7? Kids are incredibly expensive and I have no idea the expenses of the James and his brother. My guess is he would have considered a “bump out” if he could. Do you think he is hoarding his money?
    Lastly, while I don’t know James personally, I do remember him well as we were both at Wright State during the same years. You couldn’t miss him. He was very active in sports and several other things. I can certainly say he gave back during his time at WSU. And if you are counting, it was about $1000 a quarter back then or and entire 4 year education for about $16,000. Not exactly Harvard pricing. Today close to 90 percent of WSU students are on financial aid so I guess we should all be at fault…

    EMHE has a difficult decision to make, I don’t envy them. I also don’t think an outsider has any right to second guess their decision. It will make for very bad karma.

    Three cheers for this show coming to our town and helping out the Terpenning family. They could certainly use a helping hand. Let’s celebrate that!

  10. Thanks to all of you sticking up for this family. “Sad Day” had no right saying what they did. From what I’ve heard, this is a VERY deserving family, and the fact that he talks to people with disabilities and veterans, whether he gets paid or not, is something to be welcomed. Not many people do that, whether they are disabled or not. I think this family deserves everything they are getting and more and “Sad Day” needs to back off because they were way out of line in saying things. You souldn’t jufge before you know what you’re talking about.

  11. A Real Honest Human

    James is one of the most humble people I know. He is what he is. How do I know? I am best friends of his Dad. Just remember: this young Dad came to South Carolina and sat with his Father 2 weeks, who was recovering from serious surgery during July. He is a devoted father, son, brother and fellow worker but most im-portantly a Christian. He surely is deserving and knowing James as I do will be eternally grateful for this gift. There is not a jealous bone in him.

  12. Anyone who is casting stones…should just shut their mouth and keep their green envy to themselves. I am happy for this family and I think they deserve this! Boo…you naysayers should be ASHAMED!!!!!

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