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Extreme MakeOver Home Edition Beavercreek – The House Location

Update 7/30/09  – So much for my investigative reporting skills.  Here is the actual location.

To our regular readers, I apologize that this topic is not food related, but how often does Hollywood come to your hometown! 

Well, I did a little investigative reporting today and I am 99% confident that I know which house it is.  Anon, one of our readers, got it right (read previous post).  It is the abandoned house next to the Beer Barn on Darst Rd.  

How do I know?  I drove by and today there was a man stringing electric cabling across the road in front of the house — obviously to support the additional electricity needed for the event.  See the pictures below.

Abandoned house on Darst Rd. - Site of Extreme MakeOver - Home Edition Beavercreek

Running Electric Lines Across the Street

I was always under the impression that they tore down the house that the people were living in currently. 
This one appears to be abandoned.  It is only 2 miles from my home.  I know the neighborhood does not look very attractive, but the photo is misleading.  It happens to be on the corner of a busy road.  Across the street is a development of $350,000+ homes, the new outdoor lifestyle mall, The Greene , is just one mile away and Beavercreek’s schools have a National rating of Excellent.

I was also at the dentist today, Dr. Uzzel in Beavercreek, and he said one of his patients is the sister of the builder – Coventry Fine Homes, obviously she would know the location, but he did not say that she shared this information with him.  Coventry Homes has a history of working with good causes.  They built two homes for the St. Jude’s Dream Home Giveaway, one of which is just a few miles away from this one.

Dr. Uzzel was told that these families are instructed to come out of the house and act REALLY excited, and if they don’t show enough enthusiasm, they have to go back and do it again, and again, ….

Interestingly enough, Dr. Uzzel also said another one of his Beavercreek patients was on Wife Swap.  Does anyone know anything about this?  Has the show aired yet?

  1. I definitely DO NOT think that is the location. I will be very very surprised if it was.

    First of all the location would be an absolute nightmare for the show. Not only is the house wedged between a beer bar and a fence company, but it is at a fairly major intersection. There would be no way to shut down traffic on Indian Ripple and this no way to keep the job site contained. From what i have heard you cant even get within a 100 yards of the property once they start work. In fact just to visit the site you have to park somewhere else and be bused in…and even then your barely close enough to see anything.

    There is no way that Speedway or the Beer Barn could continue business while all that is going on across the street or behind them. There is no way to contain that and these businesses arent just gonna close up for a week.

    While the Darst road rumor has been circulating, i have heard of another rumor of the site being out off Kemp Rd…..possibly on Van Oss Drive.

    I guess we will find out shortly! 🙂

  2. I am really hoping to find out where the site is. I live in beavercreek myself and i have always loved the show and everyone on the show. I love what they do for less fortunate people and i have a great appreciation for what they do because my boyfriend is a carpenter himself i know first hand what kind of hard work and dedication that these people have when they are building these homes. So congragulations to the winners and extreme makeover crew you are all beautiful people for what you do for others.

  3. I heard that the show should aire sometime in October. Someone said they thought it would be about the 5th show this coming season.

    The addres is 548 Carthage Drive in Beavercreek, Ohio. You can park at the old eastgate Ford at Beaver Valley Shopping Center and they will shuttle people over on school buses from 8a-8p.

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