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Bison – the other red meat

Bison Burger

Grilling season is in full gear and with all the ground beef recalls, have you ever thought about grilling bison instead? 

Bison meat is a healthy and tasty alternative to the high fat meats that usually dominate the grill.

With 75% less fat and 40% more protein than that other red meat, bison meat is becoming a table staple for health conscious consumers. Bison meat works wonderfully in all types of recipes and can be purchased in different cuts such as steaks, ribs, roasts, hotdogs, brats and burgers.

As an added benefit, because of the high protein in bison, you can eat less meat and come away from the table feeling full. With fewer calories and less cholesterol than chicken, bison meat can even help lower your LDL cholesterol more than 40% if eaten on a regular basis.

Consider how you  would benefit from switching to the “other red meat” –bison.

I occasionally find bison in one of the local grocery stores here but you might want to consider buying it online.

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