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Snack Trends 2009

Every year, Shape magazine looks at the latest trends in snacking for their annual Snack Awards.
This year, they saw big increases in usage of ingredients like Goji berries & Omega-3 enrichment. Pomegranate is still popular.

 The snack finalists are broken down into three categories: 100 calories or less, 101-150, and 151-200 calories.
There are even a few surprises like Nesquik Chocolate Milk & Frosted Mini-Wheats. The list made me hungry to try some new options. I will have to keep an eye out for them because I usually don’t shop in traditional grocery stores nor do I eat a lot of processed food.  

Take a look at Shape’s 2009’s snacking list and let us know if you’ve tried any or have some special off-the-counter snacks to share.

Some of these snacks seem expensive for what you get. For me they would be a very occasional treat not a steady diet. Pass the Fuji apple please.

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