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Art of Salad Making

I make lots of salads. Sometimes I combine all the food groups in one bowl.

For instance lettuce or spinach (vegetables), goat cheese (dairy), brown rice (carbohydrate), tuna (protein), chopped dried apricots (fruit) and dressing (fat).

That’s just one example.

Mark Bittman of the New York Times writes ever so succinctly about 101 simple salads.

#38 – I recently had a very similar salad at Cayton’s at the Ritz Carlton in Dove Mountain. Who knew watermelon was so versatile?

#44 – The thought of it makes me drool. 

#49 – The commentary caused me to LOL but it was true.

#96 – Aptly exotic

I see some sassy salads in my future. I found out that one of my neighbors and Tai Chi buddies (HL) knows my hairdresser/friend (Judy) and I promised to make them both lunch when they return from their respective vacations. Salads, anyone?

Which of these salads appealed to you?

  1. #9 reminds me of the jicama slaw we used to serve under ceviche at the Plantation.

    #21 (with the additions) sounds yummy!

    Might have to remember #63 for a future brunch party.

    #76 is making my mouth water.

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