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Sips & Shots: A Touch of the Irish

Most people who have encountered Irish Cream liqueur have done so favorably and come away fans. While it does well as a single spirit, over ice or neat, it also pairs with a whole laundry list of others. There are some notable exceptions, however: like the lime juice that tops it in a Cement Mixer and, from personal experiments, strawberry liqueur–the consistency is, well, they call it a Cement Mixer for a reason. Blech!

Back to happier combos! Vodka seems to pair especially well with this spirit and, of course, anything chocolate or coffee. If you treat it as cream with a kick, you can hardly go wrong! This is what gets us such gems as the B52 and the Mudslide, but the cocktail I want to bring you today is a little newer, to me anyway, and with my own twist (mostly due to substitutions to match my current inventory of alcohol). Based on the cocktail known as the Oreo Cookie, I now present to you

The CHF Double-Stuff

1 oz Vanilla Vodka
1 oz Coffee liqueur
1 oz Irish Cream liqueur
1 oz Chocolate liqueur

Combine in a cocktail shaker over ice and then pour into a chilled glass. Makes 1 large cocktail or 2 double shots; after all, it’s good to share!

My love affair with the vanilla vodka continues, as you can see, and my other substitution was Godiva liqueur for creme de cacao. Creme de cacao, from my quickie research, is a lighter chocolate liqueur with a touch of vanilla, so my substitutions seemed incredibly logical. The first sip, according to my co-taster, was very chocolate but then leveled out whereas I got more of the Kahlua and Irish cream. It probably depends on the individual taste buds involved but we both agreed that it blends and mellows with each sip.

While it’s certainly no substitute for a real cookie, it’s a nice treat when you’re not actually hungry but craving something sweet.

Jennifer Walker
Jennifer Walker

  1. Jennifer
    I can almost taste that.
    I used to love a good Irish coffee and haven’t had one in years. It seems like the perfect drink on a cold rainy night. I’ll have to wait for 6 months for that kind of weather.

  2. Thanks Jennifer for the post and a much appreciated break from current realities. Cold weather and Irish coffee. Something to dream about while you suffer in that sizzling AZ heat huh Karyn?

    I’m having my own California dreamin’ here today as over 100 AGAIN. I’m searching for some good salad recipes. I have a 7 layer salad that I generally rely on for times like this and potlucks (lettuce, gr. peppers, celery, red onion, hardboiled eggs, bacon, mayo w/sugar) from my favorite cookbook – Taste of Oregon.

    If any of our readers have a favorite hot weather salad please feel free to share!

  3. Cindy
    There must be a Trader Joe’s near you. They are everywhere in So Cal.

    Get a bag of salad and start adding stuff to it.

    What about drained canned corn, drained can beans, chopped red pepper, and a bit of grated pepper jack cheese topped with salsa and balsamic vinaigrette whisked together?

    That one eliminates the bacon, mayo and sugar. The corn makes it sweet and the cheese spicy.

    Here’s another easy salad:

    Start with the bagged lettuce and add crumbled blue or feta cheese, a handful of almonds (good nuts) and some dried cranberries. Dress with TJ’s raspberry salad dressing. You can add chicken (Just Chicken from TJ’s) if you want more protein.

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