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Food, Inc. the movie – Director interview

Thanks to Seth at the Young & Hungry blog who asked Circle of Food to post/link to this interview.

“From Hallmark commercials to Emmy winning documentaries, director Robert Kenner has recently taken on one of the greater challenges that America currently faces: food. His new documentary Food Inc. reveals the hidden world of food production, as well as the politics, economics and science of what we put into our bodies.”

Food, Inc. the movie goes into major distribution this week. It’s the movie the food industry doesn’t want you to see.

When you see the movie, please come back and offer your comments.

  1. I saw the movie yesterday and it was worse than any horror movie. There were meat packing scenes and chicken scenes that were horrendous. Not only does it seem like animal cruelty but the worst of animal cruelty.

    I’m not a vegetarian.

    These animals live horrid lives and are slammed together and die in the most cruel ways. There’s dying and then there’s dying.

    Over and over they kept talking about the blood, bones, and feces that are part of our ground beef. It’s a wonder any of us are alive after eating industrialized food. This industrialized waste gets into our water supply.

    Forget about farm fresh. It’s multinational corporations that are not only destroying our environment but going into other countries too just like Monsanto does. No wonder every country in the world hates the Unites States.

    I will never buy or say anything positive about Butter Ball Turkeys again. They are a subsidiary of Smithsfield, one of the biggest producers of pork. I think the number one or number two player.

    You can read about Smithfield here– http://tinyurl.com/lqrc7s

    If you saw the movie, let’s get a dialog going…

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