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Matt Damon Portrays ADM Whistle Blower in Upcoming Movie

Sometime back, I wrote a post about a guy I went to high school with, Mark Whitacre, former President of a subsidiary of ADM – Archer Daniels Midland, known as “The Supermarket to the World”.  He acted as a mole for the FBI, becoming a whistle blower to price fixing while he was an executive there.    Read the original post .

Here is an update on the movie that is being made about him, starring Matt Damon.  I can’t wait to see it!  http://www.daytondailynews.com/news/dayton-news/matt-damon-portrays-warren-county-native-in-movie-196601.html

  1. Mary, thanks for the update. On your recommendation I read the book and it made my head hurt — too long and too many facts. I’m curious to see how the movie goes. My financial advisor bought ADM stock for me and I was furious because I have told him more than once — “socially responsible only”.

  2. Karyn, sorry to hear that you did not enjoy the book. My husband, on the other hand, just started it and is thoroughly enjoying it. He commented that he’s worried that it might not be a good book to “put him to sleep” because he can’t put it down.

    A book that I tried to read recently but just had to stop on the 2nd page was “Gulliver’s Travels”. Talk about making your head hurt! It was written almost 300 years ago and it might as well have been written in another language.

  3. Mary, I would rather you not publish this comment but rather give Mark Whitacre a call. He is a personal friend of mine, and he and his wife and family are truly wonderful human beings. I am wondering if you really went to school with him. If you know what his nickname was back then, which everyone in high school knew him by, then I will give you his phone number and contact info. Many people are saying they knew him only because they want to contact him because he is so interesting and his whole story is so interesting.

    If you really are from Morrow, and if you really did go to school with him and Ginger, then I think it would be nice of you to contact him with a quick supportive e-mail. As you know, he went to prison for almost a decade, yet is now being called by the FBI a national hero. Mark and Ginger are fantastic and lovable human beings, and his story is so much more than just this entertaining movie and just the Eichenwald book (which is well written but perhaps a bit convoluted). For example, he is COO of a health food supplement company and is huge on healthy diets as preventers of disease.

    I love your blog. Keep up the good work!
    A Friend of Mark Whitacre

  4. Did not know these published automatically. Don’t you referee what gets put up in terms of comments? Not to worry. The Whitacres are great people, and I am sure they would love to hear from old friends from their high school days who have done such amazing turnarounds in diet and healthy living as you have done. Best regards.

  5. Friend of Mark Whitacre, yes I really did know Mark. Mark’s nickname was Corky – although that has been openly published as well. You’ll find my senior picture (Mary Nicholas) in the 1975 Little Miami yearbook along with Mark’s.

    Circle of Food doesn’t screen comments here unless they are spam. We try to keep it as open and honest as possible.

    I did contact Mark via email less than a year ago to say hello at the invitation of his daughter, who saw my original post. He quickly responded and was very upbeat and chatty.

    He openly and publically acknowledges (on http://markwhitacre.com/) that he made a mistake and has since turned his life around. I certainly wish him the best.

    But, when you make your life as public as he has (with an authorized book and movie), you have to expect some opinions that are different than yours being expressed. I certainly respect yours and welcome you to come back and use this blog to give us the “other perspective”.

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