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Milano’s Atlantic City Submarines – Exceptional Service

There are so many pizza restaurants in Dayton Ohio that serve great pizza that I think people choose their favorite for other reasons than the food itself.  For me, I prefer to go to Milano’s Atlantic City Submarines.  Yes, it is odd that pizza is not in their name.  I, personally have ordered hundreds of pizzas for every sub that I have eaten there.  Subs are not my thing — too much bread.

I go to Milano’s because they were part of my college experience.  The ties are strong.  The original Milano’s was a hole-in-the-wall on Brown Street near the University of Dayton where I got my Masters degree.  I’d go there to grab a bite right from work before night class would start.

Years later, a business consultant must have gotten hold of them and told them to build a bigger, newer, and in my opinion “just-like-everybody-else” restaurant to replace the old one.  They soon expanded to Beavercreek, where I live.  I go to the Beavercreek restaurant location for convenience, but the real memories are gone – but the food is still good.

Anyway, I was there on Friday night and something exceptional happened.  The manager came over with to-go boxes for us.  We did not ask him to.  He was observant enough to see that we had finished eating and had the foresight to give us a little unexpected service.  Did we want to-go boxes.  Yes.

Should this be exceptional — no.  But it was and was certainly appreciated and noted.  Thank you, Mr. Manager.  Keep up the great work.  We’ll be back.

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