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Pacchia Express Restaurant Review – Dayton Ohio

pacchiaMy husband, Jim, and I stopped in for a treat at trendy Pacchia Express in the historic Oregon District in Dayton Ohio after a routine power walk around the city seeing the sites.  We were just wearing shorts and were a little sweaty, but it did not matter — we did not feel out-of-place. Pacchia Express is like a coffee shop annex to their more upscale and trendy Pacchia Restaurant connected to it.

We were impressed by the variety of offerings in the dessert case — all freshly made by their pastry chef.  I chose their “summer berry stacker” and “ginger molasses bar”. Both were excellent, out-of-the-ordinary and very reasonably priced at $3 and $2, respectively.


The “summer berry stacker” had a graham cracker crust layered with a lemon cheesecake mixed with strawberries and blueberries and a light cream topping.  It was very fresh and light (although not light in calories) and a nice complement to the “ginger molasses bar”.  I like the “bar” concept vs the cookie – the bar seems to be more moist and for some reason it seemed more like a special treat. 

So if you are cooking at home and just want to get out of the house for a special dessert treat, definitely stop by Pacchia Express.   I’ll see you there.

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