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Noah’s Bagels, Near Telegraph Hill – Berkeley, CA


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I recently enjoyed a Bacon and Cheddar Bagel and Iced Coffee from Noah’s New York Bagels. I don’t remember great bagel restaurants like Noah’s nearby when I was in school. It was a great morning treat; but college shouldn’t be this good is what I repeatedly found myself teasing my daughter Erin about last weekend. We enjoyed a break while helping her move into her new Berkeley apartment near the UC campus. (And I don’t remember any apartments with granite countertops, large decks and view of the Bay when I was in college either.) Oh well, at least I found out there are some other Noah’s I can visit here in southern California….


  1. I always like to tell the true story that I did not even know what a bagel was until I was a Freshman at the University of Cincinnati in 1975 and a student group was selling them as a fund raiser at the student union. I’ve come a long way baby.

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