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Wendy’s Asian Inspired Chicken

I recently was in a hurry and had to get fast food. I went to Wendy’s because in my opinion, it is the best food if I have to eat some type of fast food. When I was pulling in the drive threw, I saw there new special- Asian chicken.

This chicken looked amazing on the ad. It looked really fresh, not fried, a good size portion, and more. Needless to say, I thought it was a good choice, so I decided to order it. When I got the chicken, I was surprised…

First, the chicken was fried. Second, there were six or seven little bite size nubs of chicken for 4 dollars. Third, it looked nothing like the picture and was gross. You can try it for yourself if you like, but I thought it was gross and a total waste of money.

Torie Nicholas

  1. I really like Wendy’s chicken wraps. They are less than $2 and are really tasty. It is surprising how much chicken is included. Be sure to order the grilled to save on calories.

  2. I recently had the same experience with Wendy’s Asian chicken. They are their chicken nuggets (sold 5/$1 here) coated in the asian sauce – for four and a half dollars. A combo cost almost $7. You only get a few pieces of chicken, it looks NOTHING like the commercial, and they charge a crazy price. I went to Walmart the next day and found a whole large bottle of the same sauce ( I’ve since tasted it and it is the same ) for $2. How crazy is that?? I am angry at Wendy’s for taking advantage of their customers in times like this with a product like their Asian Chicken. They should be ashamed.

  3. I recently orderd wendys asian chicken because it looked so good on the commericals and thought a great idea for fast food well they were gross. and i mean gross they are their nasty fried chicken nuggets with sauce just thrown on the top not even coated and expensive big big thumbs down

  4. my boyfriend and his friends went to wendy’s before the nascar and both of the one that ate chicken burgers got crazy sick in the early morning following their afternoon snack… took my boyfriend 2 days to get to eat something again and keep it down… i’d avoid wendy’s chicken if i was you cause its not the 1st and wont be the last time that people get food poisoning from wendy’s.

  5. I also got food poisoning from Wendy’s hot wings. About 6 hours after eating them, I was violently ill, from both ends, all night. I will never eat at Wendy’s again. Unless you want to go on the “l lost 8 pounds overnight” diet, stay away from Wendy’s.

  6. I ate the chicken club for dinner this past monday, it tasted fine and i went to bed feeling ok. 5 hours after going to sleep, i wake up with horrible stomach cramps and the sudden need to vomit. I felt like crap all tuesday and only ate some bread rolls towards 10pm.
    Its weird because my bf and i both got this same chicken burger a couple of weeks ago and he got sick, this time it was the other way around. Curse you Wendy’s for having good tasting food, but making me incapable of digesting it!
    Also i wanted to try those Asian chicken wings, i tried the other 2, the honey BBQ ones being the better of the 2(the hot wings were terrible), but i might not now seeing as it might be a waste of money.

  7. Anybody out there know the recipe or where to buy the sauce that Wendy’s is using on those Asian boneless wings??

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