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Monette’s Market

Looking for a great place to shop for fresh fruits and vegetables?? If you are even in the Toledo area, I know the perfect place…MONETTE’S!!!

This small market not only always has fresh food, but it great quality with low prices. I first found out about the market from one of my sorority sisters who has lived in Toledo her whole life, and who has been working at the marketplace for over a year.

I always thought markets for fruits and vegetables cost more than the grocery because they were always the best selection, but I was wrong. When I am up at college in Toledo, this is the only place I will buy produce. Depending on the sales, I can get a whole container of strawberries for 99 cents, or apples for 50 cents a pound. This place really is good. Check it out!!

Torie Nicholas

  1. I am so sad…This was the worst fruit and veggies that I have ever paid for….Rotten veggies…I have a small daycare in Blissfield MI and I made a special trip to Sylvania , Ohio to get good fruit and veggies. I came home to clean and Rotten..This is the 2nd time..:(

  2. Liz, then make sure you let them know! Take it back and ask for a refund. They may actually thank you for letting them know.

  3. hello,im the owner of the monnettes,secor location.my name is JOHN DEFALCO SR.make sure you let them know.are locations are seperately owned.same family but seperate companys.if they do not take care of this to your satisfaction,come down to my location and i will.even though i do not have anything to do with the sylvania location….

  4. Do you have a web site that emails weekly specials to customers? I am looking for large amounts of produce for canning,corn,greenbeans,etc.I like your bi-color corn it is delicious.Thank you. waiting to hear from you.brenda

  5. you can check out all four stores specials at…shopmonnettes.com .its a little early for canning,the season is just getting underway.plenty of time between now and labor day.whenever your ready we will have whatever you need..for sure…thankyou

  6. I have moved to Sylvania from Columbus, Ohio, and Monnetts
    is my store I just love it, we never had anything like this in Columbus, people should be thankfull with what they have it could be worse, I never found fruit stands even in Columbus every thing we got came from grocery stores.

  7. I love the market,,,and my family has been shopping at their locations for years.
    Produce is a ripe-age-time product. Everytime I have had a problem it is rectified. Obviously keep your receipt, and be honest with them
    I say keep up the good work……if you have questions…ask them, I have always found that there is someone in store knows what is what, growing seasons, where is comes from..shelf life

  8. thanks for the possitive feedback.our family tries to offer good service,with a smile,fresh product,that is fairly priced.we take alot of pride in what we do.we love selling produce,and keeping the folks that buy it happy.talking with the customers in our stores is key .trying to personalize their expierience at monnettes.your not just cutomers..you are part of the family….

  9. I’m looking to rent a house in Point Place soon here and I see on the map that there’s a Monette’s Market on Summit, is that correct? I did go to the website that JD mentioned but I don’t see it listed, perhaps it’s not a connection?

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