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Coldstone Pudding Ice Cream

I have never been a big fan of Coldstone, but it is a huge hit around where I live. If you are going out to get ice cream with friends, or enjoying dessert during a date, no matter what the occasion, Coldstone always seems crowded.

I do not like there ice cream because I feel it is really expensive for what you get and because it is always so rich. If i go there, I usually get sorbet or sherbet because it is lighter.

Anyways, I have just heard there is a new ice cream out at coldstone. This new ice cream is made with Jell-O for a creamy taste. There are two flavors, chocolate and butterscotch. Not only is this ice cream a big hit, but according to Coldstone, this ice cream does not melt. It simply turns into pudding. How cool!!

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Torie Nicholas

  1. Neat. I’ll venture away from my favorite combo of vanilla and walnuts to give it a try. I do like Coldstone ice cream, but what is there not to like with all its premium ingredients.

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