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Healthy or Skinny?

Yes. This is very important to me because I am one way and I know a lot of my friends the other way.

Think about this….healthy or skinny?? I’m sure everyone would like to be both, and some of us can, but if you had to pick…which would it be?

For me, I would rather be healthy and I feel like I am. I workout multiple times a week, eat healthy food, and occasionally treat myself (sometimes more than occasionally..hha) but the point is, I am healthy.

On the other hand, I have a lot of friends at college who are skinny but they do not know what it means to be healthy. I am concerned because although they look great, they are not taking care of their bodies. My one friend will go most of the day without eating to save money on food and then eat a big dinner that is either unhealthy or from a fast food restaurant. Why is she still skinny then?… because though the fast food is really bad for her, she is still not getting too many calories and she probably has a high metabolism.

Let’s look at another one of my friends. We both decided to go workout. She could not keep up with me and had to stop after one lap of running.

Now I am writing this because some people need to be careful and although they may look like they are in good shape, they might not be. Just be healthy! I know I will be when I’m 40 but I’m not so sure about my friends.

Torie Nicholas

  1. I vote for healthy too.

    I have a friend who bragged about weighing 101 pounds. To me, she looks like a concentration camp victim. She’s anorexic in her 60s. Sad.

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