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Eating Habits of Teenagers

For the past 18 years of my life, I lived with the same four people…my mom, dad, brother and of course I was there. Although I would go to my friends for dinner or hang out at a local place, I never knew how much some teenage boys could eat until I went to college.

Last year, when I first started at the University of Toledo, many things were different. I started hanging out at the cafeteria with my friends every meal because in college your always with people, or at least I am. So I began to notice different eating patterns. I would sit with a bunch of my friend’s boyfriend and watch them eat and eat and eat until the point that it made me sick to keep watching. Not only would these guys eat three or four plates, but they would be eating fried foods, pizza, lots of carbs and desserts. The worst part was, they were all skinny!

Yes I know growing boys need there energy and food, but I could have never imaged this much. My boyfriend alway ate a lot, but I thought he was just wierd and my brother always ate like me. I feel as if my brother is never as hungry because he does not work out or have very much physical activity.

So I know growing boys need there food, but how much is too much??

I was at my friend’s apartment before the end of the school year and her boyfriend, Ben, got up from his homework and ate a full bag of chicken nuggets. I could not even think about eating a full bag of chicken nuggets in a day…

I guess college made me realize how much guys can eat, but they still have to be careful. Too many college students are not eating properly, eat meals out every night and never get any exercise. No wonder America is being obese!

Torie Nicholas

  1. I remember my nephew, Charlie, eating 3 pork chops in one meal when he was a teenager, growing up, and in football. I had the same surprise as you did, as my brothers never at this much at our house.

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