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Review: Healthy Organic Superfruit Spread

Do you feel like jammin’ organically?

Crofter’s organic Superfruit Spreads are authentically sourced from around the globe, four continents to be exact.  Their four flavors contain a combination of ten super fruits and lots of antioxidants.

Crofter sent me four jars of superfruit spread. All the spreads are made with fair trade sugar and contain no artificial flavors or preservatives.  Crofter’s organic Superfruit Spreads are available in 11 oz. jars at an SRP of $4.99.

What was I going to do with four jars of jam? Share, of course.

I tried the Asian blend with yumberries and raspberries. I had no clue what yumberries were but found out they grow in China and have a bright-colored round appearance in hues of red, pink, white, and purple. And like all berries, yumberries are ripe with antioxidants. All I can say is yum. I don’t like my fruit spread sweet and it was tart to my satisfaction with enough texture to keep it interesting.

Edie tried the South American blend which boasted an exotic blend of  Maqui berry and passion fruit. Perhaps it was too exotic or an acquired taste because she thought it too tart, too bitter, and too gelatinous, similar to Welch’s.

John and Rita enjoyed the European blend of black currants, pomegranate, and Morella cherries. John gave it an A+ on his waffles while Rita would’ve preferred the spread a tad more tart, she still liked it well enough to keep on eating it.

Norma and Robert liked the North America blend of cranberries and blueberries because it lacked the cloying sweetness of other fruit spreads and the ingredients were so healthy.

All the above spreads also contained organic Morella cherries and red grapes.

There you have it. Fruit spreads are not justjam limited to toast or scones. Try a schmear on waffles or pancakes, glaze a pork chop, mix into oatmeal, and add a dollop to yogurt or a fruit smoothie.


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