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Acme Fresh Market

Depending on where you live, Acme grocery store is a very popular store. In Hudson, where I live, there is an Acme, Heinen’s and Giant Eagle all very close to each other. Giant Eagle was getting a lot of business because of their Fuel Perks program where every $50 you spend, you get 10 cents off a gallon. Yes, there program is really nice, but it expires every six months and you have to spend a lot of money to get a substantial amount of cheap gas.

Now, Acme has introduced a new fuel perks type program to get more shoppers to come to them. It is a very different program and since Acme does not have its own gas station, unlike Giant Eagle, Acme has paired up for this deal with Circle K gas station. When you shop at Acme, certain items have money towards gas. Instead of getting fuel perks towards everything you buy, Acme offers the perks only on certain items. Technically, you could go through the whole store and not find one item for fuel perks, but it is very unlikely. I think this program is better because although it is money off gas, instead of off every gallon, you can get 50 cents to $1 off gas by buying a 2 to 3 dollar item…depending on the deals that week. So Basically, you just go buy your normal groceries and the money you get towards gas is just a dollar amount. It does not come off every gallon, but it adds up much faster than Giant Eagle fuel perks in my opinion. On top of this, you can earn up to $500 free gas at a time to use, and the perks do not expire for two years… How nice is that?

Torie Nicholas

  1. I find the marketing aspect of it all fascinating — what features companies choose to “package” to attract business. You, the consumer, have voted for your preference with your business.

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