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Oodles Restaurant Review – Market Square Knoxville Tennessee


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We were down at Norris Lake last weekend to visit our boat when we decided to take a detour to nearby Knoxville to get to know the city a little bit better.  We decided to go on a Saturday thinking that we would have more options for things to do and we hit the jackpot — their farmers’ market on Market Square was in high swing.

Market Square in the heart of downtown Knoxville and has lots of trendy shops and restaurants.  One of those restaurants is Oodles Uncorked at 18 Market Square, Knoxville, Tennessee.

After walking our feet off exploring the city, we chose to reenergize at Oodles because  it looked to be quite popular with lots of people taking advantage of the shade from their generous red umbrella tables on their outdoor patio.  The food looked good too, judging from the plates and satisfied faces of the other patrons.

We were able to choose our own table and were promptly greeted by our server who took our drink order.  We just planned on having coffee, and indeed did order that, but soon changed our minds to have a late lunch because we just couldn’t resist the temptations of some of their unusual offerings.

I chose their market day special salad that had fresh veggies from the farmers’ market.  It came with fresh sliced yellow squash, zucchini, mixed greens and other things that I can’t remember in detail only to say that I was in heaven.  I could feel the vitamins rushing through my veins and giving me energy.

Jim ordered their  Tuscan White Bean Soup with feta and roasted tomato.  I was expecting a utilitarian bean soup that would give us a protein pick-me-up but what we got was a flavor explosion that was so rich that I am still thinking about it four days later.

I mentioned to our waitress that we were enjoying everything but especially loved the soup and wondered what was in it.  She asked us if we wanted the recipe and I was surprised that they would part with it.  Of course I said yes, and also asked if she would allow us to print it in our Circle of Food blog.  She promptly went off to ask the chef for permission and came back with the recipe in hand.  I’ve included it here for you all to enjoy — and I do mean you ALL.  The recipe is in restaurant quantities and I’ve included it is in its rawest form.   Thank you again Chef Amelia Adams for your generosity.

I do encourage you to experiment with new restaurants that are local to your area, such as Oodles Uncorked.  You’ll take  pride in knowing that you are keeping a cottage industry alive and in turn, reaping the benefits of their desire to experiment to give you a culinary experience worth remembering.

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