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Digital Food Coupons Save Money & Time

I have not clipped paper grocery coupons for years – no, for decades.  I would always forget to use them or not have them with me and they would expire.  But that may change with the new “digital coupons”.

I love technology and the ability to “digitally” clip coupons intrigues me.   I especially was interested in the system Kroger’s has implemented where you can browse online coupons and then download them to your Kroger card or to your phone.  This solves my two problems right off the bat.

I tried out the digital coupons and they were easy to use.  Just like a shopping cart, you “add” the digital coupon to your “basket” and when you are done, you transfer the coupons you have chosen to your Kroger card or cell phone.   Then they offer the opportunity to print a “shopping list” to remind you which coupons you have selected.  The digital coupons are available for your use within a few hours.

Another alternative is to go to coupon sites that offer coupons where you can use them immediately by making a purchase online.  One such coupon site is Coupon Mountain.

Everyone I know has been affected by the recession in one form or another, so coupon cutting may be something you might consider to make your dollar spread a little further.  I’d be interested in knowing any great deals that you have come across that made a difference in your pocket book.

  1. Borders was, for a while, offering text-messaged coupons and that was a real help since I was forever forgetting to print out the most recent one from my email folder.

    Tropical Smoothie sends out periodic text blasts with the occasional coupon code, as well.

    I’ve never been great at remembering coupons and they always struck me as clumsy and awkward but one thing I saw, recently, was that an app has been created for iPhones and Blackberries that will load your store rewards cards with their barcodes (somehow, I don’t know the specifics) and is scannable from the screen so you don’t have to carry around all those cards or key tags. Granted, only certain stores have the right equipment at this time, but I think it’s definitely a sign of the future.

    The fewer steps I have to take and things I have to remember to bring with me is always a plus and greatly increases the chance that I’ll use their coupons and reward programs.

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