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Sparkling Essence Refreshment

Refreshing Sparkling Essence  R. W. Knudsen sent me a new beverage to try.

First note that the cans are shaped to resemble Red Bull.

I received these four flavors and this being summer in Arizona, I found the sparkling water flavored with organic essences refreshing.

Lemon and blueberry were my two favorites. Richard also liked the tart lemon. Kids won’t like these sparkling waters because they have zero calories and no artificial sweetener. That’s one of the reasons, I like them.

I added fresh mint to all the flavors simply because I had mint around and practically add mint to everything.

The cucumber essence was odd, almost astringent, perhaps even an acquired taste. It has both organic lemon and cucumber extract. Sometimes I put a slice of cucumber in a glass of water for a fresh accent.

If you like a bit of the bubbly or a little carbonation with your spring water and clean flavors, I think you will like sparkling essence. They are sold four to a package (one flavor).

The copy on the can says the beverage is like a “spa-like experience” and I agree. It’s sophisticated and refreshing in an adult kind of way without added sugar, artifical sweeteners or flavors, and has zero calories. 

Pour over ice into a tall glass and sip. Ahhh

Now if only I were having a facial.

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